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تصنيف:Missing French term

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List of pages having missing or untranslated terms, which were "text terms" of the French second edition of 1981.

  • Please let this page be compliant with the 1981-standard (French) by looking at the talk page.
  • A language which has been translated uniquely from the English second edition of 1982 is not compliant with the French standard in the sense that many terms or sentences have not been translated into English, either by ommission or because it can't be translated or because the expression is not used in English.

  • However if it has not been translated in the English edition, the expression has been translated in other languages but not yours.
  • To add a page to this category, please add in the talk page of the page this template:
  • {{missing French term|page|section|section-note or comment}} for example {{translated French term|15|152|152-5}}

If you think that the term can't be translated, again please discuss this point in the Talk page of the page. And change the template name missing in for example {{missing French term|15|152|152-5}} by:

  • translated: {{translated French term...
  • untranslatable: {{untranslatable French term...

In both cases, the page will be added into the category Category:Coherent with the 1981-standard (French) because our goal is to detect omissions, not to impose a translation.

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